Peefer Subscription Treat Box

£22.99 / month

You asked, we delivered. Sign up now for our new monthly subscription box of top quality natural treats.

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What’s Included? – July 2022

Our subscription boxes include a range of natural treats including:

  • PUFFED CHICKEN FEET, 100% Pure Chicken
  • Bulls Pizzle, All time favourite. Great for teething pups, suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Puffed Pigs Snout, Super Crunchy! 100% Pork
  • Pig Ear, 100% pork ; much loved treat for dogs of all ages
  • Dried Sprats, 100% dried sprats ; tasy and crunchy
  • Buffalo Trachea, Longer lasting chewy/cruncy treat from the throat of the Buffalo
  • Hairy Rabbit Ear, 100% Rabbit ; Hair is a natural antiparasitic; Great for the gut ; top treat for dogs
  • Crunchy Fish Cubes, Fish Skin Cubes : 100% Fish skin : Tasty, cruncy and great for the teeth
  • Beef Cartilage, 100% Beef
  • 2 x Chicken Neck, Air Dried Chicken Neck, Crunchy, 100% chicken
  • Venison Bone, 100% Air Dried pure Venison Bone : Tasty: Does not splinter : Chewing is theraputic for all dogs and helps stimulate the blood supply to the gums and helps keep plaque at bay
  • BEEF LIVER, 100% Pure Beef
  • Trip Sticks, 100% Pure beef. Smelly but much loved by all dogs
  • Training Treats, 100% Pure Lamb or chicken (Variety may vary)

Subscription, how does it work?

  1. Choose your qty and add the subscription treat box to your basket
  2. Pay securely via card using Stripe
  3. Your first treat box is delivered within 2-3 working days
  4. Payment is securely taken each month on the same date and your next treat box will follow on the 14th of each month.

Subscription FAQs

1) How is payment taken?
Payment is taken securely online via Stripe, a recurring payment is then setup to be taken each month on the same date.

2) How quick is delivery?
We aim to deliver each treat box within 2-3 working days of your order / payment.

3) How do I alter or cancel my subscription?
You can login to your account here then click ‘subscriptions’ on the right panel. You can then alter or cancel your subscription.