Minty Breath Bones




Have you ever had a whiff of your dog’s breath and thought, ‘Phew! You need a breath mint?!’ Don’t worry, we all have. Bad breath is quite common in dogs, even those with good oral health occasionally have bad breath.

We created our Minty Breath Bones to help keep breath fresh and clean, they’re packed full of bad breath busting ingredients and offer a convenient and healthy solution to bad breath. Use daily to keep bad breath at bay.

Did you know? Dogs love the taste of mint – Riley loves mint so much that, as a pup (and when we weren’t looking), he used to chew through his dad’s pockets to get to the mints inside!

Woof benefits:

  • Grain-free!
    • 100% natural ingredients.
    • No artificial additives or preservatives.
    • Fresh-smelling breath, making owners proud and others jealous.
    • Improves oral health.
    • Keeps pockets safe.


100g bag

Ingredients: Buckwheat, coconut, peanut butter, parsley, mint & vegetable glycerin.


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