Doggy Yoghurt Heart Shaped Drops




The Barking Bakery Doggy Yoghurt Heart Shaped Drops are ideal bite-sized treats to spoil your dog.

Made by our in-house bakers with an intricate recipe that all dogs will love. Food safe and Defra approved. The best in the market for every occasion; party, walks or training.

Please note as these are a handmade product, design and colour may vary.

Shelf life: 9 – 12 months

Composition: Cereals Various sugars, oils, fats charcoal, minerals, milk and milk derivatives
Additives: Preservatives, colourants antioxidants flavouring
Analytical Constituents: Moisture (g/100g) 3.1, Total oil (g/100g) 24.9, Protein (g/100g) 6, Crude Fibre (w/w) <0.5%, Ash (g/100g) 2.0


Store in Cool Dry Conditions 60g