Beaphar Hairball Prebiotic Paste for Cats


For all cats, Beaphar Hairball Paste is a delicious, 2-in-1 daily treat containing malt and MOS.



  • GENTLY & EFFECTIVELY TACKLES HAIRBALLS: Cats are habitual groomers and this can cause hairballs from being collected in the body and passed through the intestines. Beaphar Hairball Paste for Cats contains malt which encapsulates ingested hairs and ensure a smooth, natural passage through your cat’s intestines.
  • ADDED PREBIOTIC MOS FOR HEALTHY GUT FLORA: MOS helps to encourage healthy gut flora and aid digestion.
  • IDEAL FOR TRAINING: Use with lick mats or enrichment toys or for disguising medication.
  • FOR ALL CATS: Beaphar Hairball Paste for Cats is suitable for cats and kittens from 6 weeks of age.