Beaphar Eye Lotion for Cats & Dogs – 50ml


For sensitive eyes, Beaphar Eye Lotion for Cats & Dogs is a specially formulated lotion that helps to clean, rejuvenate and support the sensitive skin around the eyes.



  • CLEANS & SUPPORTS SENSITIVE EYE AREA: Beaphar Eye Lotion has been specially formulated to be kind on the sensitive skin around the eyes. It gently cleans away dirt from the area, supporting optimum eye health.
  • MOISTURISES & REJUVENATES: Its gentle formula moisturises and cleanses the eye area, rejuvenating skin cells and leaving the area clean, fresh and free of dust and dirt.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Beaphar Eye Lotion is applied directly to the area under and around the eye. For best results, apply with cotton wool, wiping away any excess, to lift the dirt from the area.
  • REMOVES TEAR STAINS: For lighter coloured dogs and cats that are prone to tear stains, Beaphar Eye Lotion gently cleans the eye area, reducing the appearance and aiding the removal of tear stains.
  • SUITABLE FOR CATS & DOGS: For all breeds of cat and dog from 12 weeks of age.