Dog Grooming

We offer three services in our  grooming spa:

Wash and fluff. This service will include the nails and ear cleaning, but we do not cut /trim any of the coat.

Bath and tidy. This service will include a bath conditioner and massage. We will tidy the face, feet and sanitary area, clean the ears and cut the nails.

Full Groom. This service includes a bath conditioner and massage. We will throughly deshed the coat on a short coated dog, tidy the sanitary area and feet. We will cut the nails and clean the ears. We will style the coat in accordance with your wishes.

We would advise that if the coat is badly matted, that an extra cost will be incurred, and then coat may have to be clipped off.

Prices for grooming will be dependant on the size of your pet and the condition of the coat. Customers are not permitted to enter the grooming spa under any circumstances.

We require 24 hours notice for the cancellation of any bookings or we will charge a £30 late cancellation fee.

Grooming Prices

Small BreedMedium BreedLarge BreedGiant Breed
Full GroomFrom £60From £65From £75Please enquire
Bath & TidyFrom £40From £45From £55Please enquire

Hand Stripping starts at £75 depending on Breed and Size

Small Breeds
Lhasa Apso
Shih Tzu
Toy Poodle
Minature Poodle
Coton De Tulear
Cavalier King Charles
Yorkshire Terrier
Minature Long Haired Daxi

Medium Breeds
Large Cockerpoo
Tibetan Terrier

Large Breeds
German Shepherd
Standard Poodle
Golden Retriever
Golden Doodle

Large Double Coated Breeds
Long Haired German Shepherd

These breeds will be booked at the end of the day only. 

Prices will vary depending on the frequency of each visit

We recommend professional grooming every 12 weeks minimum. 

Bath and Floof is available to our regular grooming Clients for Coated dogs in between Full Grooming Appointments.
Smooth Coated Dogs will be quoted individually

Full Groom Coated Dog

SizeCoat StyledDe ShedNail ClipEars CleanedSanitary TrimFace TidyBlueberry Facial
Semi Permanent Ear Colour

Ultra Sonic Teeth Cleaning


Small Smooth Coated Dog

Coat StyledDe ShedNail ClipEars Cleaned

Medium Smooth Coated Dog

Coat StyledDe ShedNail ClipEars Cleaned

Large Smooth Coated Dog

Coat StyledDe ShedNail ClipEars Cleaned

Blueberry Facial

Can be added to all grooms, helps dry skin & tear staining.


Semi-Permanent Hair Colour (In conjunction with a full groom)

Can be added to a groom. Our colour is semi permanent. It will last at least six weeks. The colour is formulated for pets and  is entirely safe for your beloved pets.

EarsEars & Tail

Puppy Grooming

A service for puppy to familiarise themselves with grooming. This includes a bath and massage : face tidy, sanitary are tidy, feet and nails; available to puppies under 3 months.

First Visit £25

Flea Treatment

Dogs must be treated monthly to prevent flea infestation. We cannot groom dogs with fleas. Any dogs brought to us for grooming with fleas will be sent home.

We will charge a fee to fumigate the groom room.