Our opening day 2nd June 2018

Leigh Edgecombe from the Edge of Magic declared PEEFER EALING  open at 12 noon on June 2nd, and the lovely residents of Ealing strolled up the red carpet and poured through the doors, Leigh continued to cast his magic over the afternoon.
We were entertained by the fabulous Susie from Magical designs, enchanting our guests with magical balloon sculptures from Unicorns to Pandas, with lots of cats and dogs in-between., and ably assisted by the best face painter we have seen!
Fun and laughter followed, with good advice dispensed by Anthony Smallman from Benyfit Raw and, purveyors of fine raw food for cats and dogs. Gold Winners, for the best new product, Cotswold Raw, were represented by Martin and Ollie who informed and discussed the very real benefits of feeding a raw diet to our beloved pets.
What an amazing welcome to Ealing, thank you all for joining us on this special day. Your praise, your warmth and your genuine pleasure at our opening in Ealing made this a very special day.

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